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  1. bacon egg and cheese on a toasted croissant
  2. empanada all the way is this even a question
  3. agreed, tired of the workarounds just stalls the game
  4. +1 tommy's idea this is the kind of change we need on jb
  5. ah my b should have read more
  6. im not playing ml castle anymore than I already have to
  7. the order "freeze crouch knifing the ground" is kinda annoying. Its basically an AFK freeze that Cts can use whenever they want multiple times a round. Im not sure what others opinions on the order is but it would be nice to see this order to be put under the AFK freeze umbrella, or to have a time limit.
  8. 1v1s or CSGO jb, i know everyone here hates csgo jb but like get hip and with the times man
  9. looks hot cant wait to try
  10. i dropped apush too much stress for a credit I don't even need
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