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  1. I got no problem with this. Non member opinions should matter as much as member opinions and it will help the apps get more responses.
  2. I don’t really mind teamkilling. It is funny 9/10 times and makes JB a fun experience whenever it happens. What I do mind is people doing it constantly (like going out of their way to kill a T) or someone targeting another player. Unlikely to happen but something I can see maybe happening.
  3. Pork tenderloin sandwich
  4. Alexis Texas

    Mod+ Meeting

    This is pretty short notice but I will be doing a job for a friend so I won't be able to attend both meetings fully but I can step aside for 20-30 minutes for each meeting.
  5. @Ryuk If management deems necessary that newer mods need training then training they will get. Makaj is currently on LOA hence his activity. Mod+ application system has been changed. https://www.gametracker.com/player/GP⋆DasC16/ This is Dasc's correct Gametracker. I do agree that SpaceMan could be more active but the rest you mentioned are active enough that no one needs to reconsider their position. If polar keeps triggering the Word Filter I'll just silence him for much longer, it doesn't need to be changed back to 3 days when I could just make it twice that in 5 minutes. This is what I told you when you messaged me about a month or two ago asking the exact same thing. Better yet, since you seem to have so much time to look at the entire Staff's Gametrackers, why not come back to the team? Surely that's not a bad idea?
  6. this is unfounded and therefore a lie
  7. Staff are not always at anyone's beck and call, people have other things that they do (that's called a life). The amount of pings in admin requests on the discord has gone down significantly in the past several months so I don't know where that is coming from. Bonkers is a great manager but he has a life outside of GP, like many people do (although some don't :/) The reworking of the Mod+ application system will bring more people in so there will be more staff as a result.
  8. I don't really see the harm in increasing the time. I have seen countless times wardens rush rounds when the server is full and most of the time LR is not reached when this happens. It ruins the flow of an otherwise very fun round and is a big strain on new or experienced wardens who want to do something new/creative but are restrained by time.
  9. Already started but I'm doing summer school so not really. Going to LA.
  10. afaik its nothing to do with SB, but I could be wrong.
  11. I don't mind having them. If people spam them constantly we can just take away their member ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  12. Boy I sure don't miss those AP Exams. But anyway good luck man!
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