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  1. kyle22890

    Mod+ Meeting

    I have family coming up to help get the baby stuff ready I will not be able to make it
  2. kyle22890

    Mod+ Meeting

    I will not be able to make this meeting, we had a data breach at work and now i got to find out what got leaked and how to fix it. I would MUCH rather be at this meeting
  3. Im going to miss you my dude. Be safe out there
  4. I think if we could do 1-2 hours "alive" that would work well. Don't know how difficult it is to implement though.
  5. Everything or poppy seed bagel toasted BUTTTT put some bacon lettuce tomato and mayo on it.
  6. Gonna miss ya my dude, good luck with everything!
  7. I think the ratio is fine, any map (Regardless of number of secrets/map size) if the number of T's increases, the more Chaotic it gets. The more Chaotic, the more the CT's need to do (check secrets, fight rebelers, etc..)
  8. I played this wipe totally solo. I hid in a very obscure corner of the map so I can build up and not get raided I got really far a lot of the big BP's researched. Didnt have much PVP. I liked the grind overall 5x feels nice with its pace. Just only wish is having the low grade and crude oil stack up. Otherwise amazing work @Skooma!
  9. I tend to do a lot of house projects if I have the extra time and money. Keeps me sharp when I'm figuring out supplies, tools, how much time it will take, how do others tend to do it (YouTube university FTW), how I plan to do it and how I finish it. I just recently ripped out a old carpet that was smelly and full of pet juices (from the previous owners) and put down new flooring. Now the room smells good and the wife loves it.
  10. Every time I see your icon I really want to play twisted metal. Welcome!
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