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  1. Music, art, cooking, etc. Anybody make have a creative side? I make dnb & lofi, also I like to bake.
  2. Also tony *DEAD* Admin GP⋆ Mr.Tony : btw i just fucked my wife on a kids play ground xD
  3. Dock


    Kharn Foxclaw
  4. Can we do a poll to find the percentage of white people that want to say the n word
  5. Yeah Ephex suggested this in the community meeting. Remove casual and make an unmoderated 2nd JB.
  6. Remove them so no one cries or have people bitch about not being able to make people cry. Not my problem.
  7. Smash bros Brawl, Splinter Cell Double Agent, COD world at war
  8. Remove them or keep it as is. Don't allow the n word because that's what Klan meetings are for.
  9. You like JRPGs eh. Thoughts on Dragon Quest 12?
  10. Considering the fact that there's infinite genders, I think the server would take a hit in player count due to the size of the amount of models there would potentially be. -1
  11. I don't watch sports at all but I'll bet blindly without any research.
  12. Surf rap battle server or bhop.
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