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  1. Bruh, Some people will not listen, Porn Sprays and gross sprays ya know?
  2. I personally disagree, What would be the point of member ? Nothing! Letting everyone spray would make it harder on the mod+ team I think, since people don’t like to listen. The mod+ team is already dealing with enough shit.
  3. Lg3455

    Summer Heat

    +20 to 40 for my area! Not hot at all for me , I wear a sweater in this heat…! Nice and warm You probably think I’m a psycho wearing a sweater in +40
  4. Wtf, I’m going to throw my penguin out now
  5. They both look bad
  6. Life with covid? Half of the world are still in lockdown..
  7. A different jailbreak server is doing better at population…. Theres just something wrong with gp…. So we all need to think, what is wrong with gp?
  8. This is not to offence anyone or anything. 1. You need more management team and improve them. Sometimes people have to private message a mod+ to get on. They don’t respond to the reports each day. Now that’s bullshit right there. Why have a management team if they don’t do shit? 2. Bonkers, bonkers is a bad Manager because in gp discord he talks shit in the calls, he’s doesn’t even play on gp servers anymore, he’s not really active on the discord and he doesn’t help on forums. So why not remove his Manager? Put your opinions below, about this? 3. Drama…? Drama had came in gp servers and sometimes still in it. Why not gag or mute them… It doesn’t matter if there your friend mod+. That’s one of reasons people left the servers. Lastly Your doing a better job Indi with the community, Just do a better job with that management team. Get the people that made laughter and fun back into the community!!!
  9. Lg3455

    Whats Better

    1. Jailbreak 2. Casual 3. Mini games 4. PUG
  10. Team killing I think would be a bad idea, it’s already tough enough, because T’s still team kill with doors and balls. I think if someone got team killed they would be mad .
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