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  1. there are going to be piece of shit t's that will use this as an advantage to kill ct's huge -1.
  2. if i want people to know my gender i'll just tell them
  3. add the damn penguin.
  4. Bump. I am against teamkilling, I think that T's who are following orders correctly like "freezing on the soccer pitch" will get killed off and it won't be fun: If they move out of the way they get killed by the ct's for not following orders, if they stay frozen they get teamkilled. It's going to be funny for a couple of days, and then it'll get stale. But, whatever you do, stop fucking ignoring this. There's so many people that took the time out of their day to give their thoughts on the matter & for y'all to just keep ignoring it is really fucking stupid. Make a decision. @Glow
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