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  1. its my special day let me throw all the troll flash's and smokes I want
  2. i mean i not saying it should be a rule but, it should be just considered like if a dude dies with a gun and it gets picked up dont just clap him right after lol, and im with you Pix #RemoveRazor
  3. Yeah because back in the day there were other map to play with fun map games , now all everyone wants is razor.
  4. You say garbage warden but being a nazi trying to kill Ts for the smallest thing, in my mind makes you one of those garbage wardens lol. Being the warden is to make the game fun and have a creative mind so everyone can enjoy playing on the server, if your the only one having fun then maybe you shouldnt take warden. How would it cause a problem if they pass the gun off then you kill the guy that passes the guy not that hard. And does quickly really have to defind, if they have the gun out longer then at least a few seconds then kill them, but killing every T that picks the gun up after words makes you trash.
  5. I dont even think it is a rule to kill Ts that pull out a gun i could be wrong, but i do agree why do we have to change are setting for auto equip. Like its a domino effect for some wardens the last dude on the left or right starts shooting he dies and then the next guy picks it up and dies cause he didnt change his setting and it just keeps going down the line until someone doesnt pull it out. Im pretty sure a guy thats just standing there frozen that gets the drop guy poses no threat just tell him to go drop it :l.
  6. I'm not saying its awful idea but, we all know those people the do LR even though they are already rebelling. So i guess it would 1. trash for cts to have to fight 2 rebelling T's with you know how ever much health they get per ct. 2. if someone is already rebelling and they do LR and pick the rebel option it would just cause a problem and have to be slay and just more of a hassle then it need to be.
  7. I use to be stationed like right next to myrtle breach , it was like an every month go to.
  8. Bro that sounds like a good as LR or just even gun toss with the same logic.
  9. I remember an old LR where you could pick CT's to chicken fight...it would be cool to look in to new LR's. What kind of LR's do you think the server should look in to getting?
  10. if you like summer your pretty much satans spawn
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