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  1. I do not really like this new theme. Too many flashy moving parts (I am the kind of person who opts to turn animations in things like buttons off. I do not know if that is an option). A lot of stuff also seems very unnecessary like these: And a few more. It is also difficult to see what new posts you have/haven't looked at yet. Oh also, the top bar falling down when you scroll is also rather annoying. All in all, whilst the aesthetic is pleasing to the eye, it is extremely crowded and almost a bit too messy considering it seems as if it is attempting to be more minimalist.
  2. This is the only server I've been on who restricts sprays. There are so many fun spray based games that we simply can't do. Bring back sprays.
  3. I believe it was Lucia who said this in the Discord server, but people who are not members are the most affected by the moderators. Some of us are more regular players than some members are. I think it would be great for us to open these applications up to all players just as member applications are.
  4. I think what Prometheus said is actually quite fun and interesting. I like the idea of bribing and deals like that. Abuse can be handled by Mods+.
  5. I don't understand why you are being so rude. I was simply trying to say that I don't believe that to be the reason for decreased activity. Especially since many people who play in this community are kids who are in school.
  6. The conversation is about how GamePunch's activity is declining. Bonkers mentioned about how everyone is now a "successful adult". I just made a point that in 2019 that didn't seem to matter, so I doubt it's the reason activity is at an all-time low.
  7. I'm 22 and have a job. Why do people keep bringing this up? I genuinely don't undestand how this is relevant.
  8. And yet, in 2019 all of these "successful adults" were able to play in their free time, at LEAST. Stop making excuses. GamePunch is dying.
  9. Sadly your post won't make any difference. I for one 100% agree with admin+ activity lacking, however they have recently added back an old co-leader who hasn't played the game in ages. And the prerequisites for applying for mod+ have been made much more lax as well. GP is slipping, sadly.
  10. This map is on the server already. Or at least two Star Wars maps are.
  11. I can't. Not a member+. Hence why I posted here.
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