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  1. Well, I have been here since the first week of Gamepunch release and had a very good and fun experience in the server meeting new people and some friends I have now. I have never had any problems in the server or any serious problems with any member or guest of the community. The reason I am leaving GP is because I can see that it is heading in a different direction that I believe I would not enjoy being a mod in. There has been a little incident leading up to my departure that had to do with a member and the leader of the community. Thanks for the hospitality when I joined GP and thank you for understanding when I could not be online due to personal issues. Thank you to everyone who has been nice and very welcoming to me Anyways not gonna give the members name but small story short a member disrespected me after telling me no one in the server likes me and argued with me about ninja stepping which I knew I was 100% correct. He got gagged for 15 minutes after calling me something which was disrespectful to me as a person and shows weakness internally when the leader comes and ugags him right after. It does not feel good when you do your mod duties correctly just to be undermined by the leader because of a personal friendship with said member. I will still be playing on the server every now and then but I will not be active on forums or discord unless absolutely needed. (ADMINS) GP⋆ .#indi·glow ◮ pr0digy?: you gagged him for that? (ADMINS) GP⋆ .#indi·glow ◮ pr0digy?: ... (ADMINS) GP⋆ .#indi·glow ◮ pr0digy?: I get told that shit on the daily (ADMINS) GP⋆ .#indi·glow ◮ pr0digy?: doesnt mean i just gag people for it [SourceComms++] GP⋆ .#indi·glow ◮ pr0digy?: Removed an extended gag from GP⋆ ****** (ADMINS) gp⋆ -twisted*: Disrespecting mods and members is against the rules. I believe I was right gagging him. ps. I have no problems at all with anyone in gamepunch and just wanted to add some context to why I am leaving.
  2. World Of Warcraft Classic was dropped recently and I'm gonna try my best to play both. On the other hand I have been inactive lately due to another moving process since the last one didn't work out and daughters b-day so I've been quite busy. Gonna try be on a lot more but If I am not I apologize, juggling a lot of things right now in life.
  3. Sometime during 1.6 before css. long af anyways
  4. I will be playing WoW Classic, we should create a Gamepunch guild or something as bonkers has said. I think we should all play the same realm, would be dope af.
  5. Wardays in medic are fun though. If gameplay is lacking and someone is calling a warday in medic every second round or something ping a mod to come and swap them.
  6. already makin complaints right on
  7. Haven’t been online in about a week, will be on in the next day or two.
  8. So, I'm moving out of my place and gonna be staying with a room mate for a bit so I might only be active like a hour or two every day
  9. Hello good sir, welcome to the forums I played Clarinet once.
  10. Nah it says edit profile and sends me anywhere but the cover photo
  11. so im either stupid lol or just blind but I cannot find the area to update my profiles backround banner/theme
  12. iPhone 6 dont use anything but apple products even tho im broke as fuck
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