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  1. Can we remove the ability for CTS to kill someone if they pick up a gun from a t who died? (only if the ts pick it up by accident, like if they died right next to em) It's kinda annoying when I die just by doing nothing, sure I can to cl_autowepswitch 0 or something but its an annoyance to not be able to pick up guns by hovering over em. Also if a new player picks up a gun by someone dying next to them and they die too thats kinda unfair, they don't have prior knowledge to turn of autowepswitch.
  2. funniest shit I've seen all day
  3. -1. I would say yes but the cts dont need more health. But I do think that warden should be buffed, maybe give the warden headshot protection? Make it 2 headshots to kill warden instead of 1, the main problem I see is when some guy gets his gun in his cell and as soon as warden stands still they get headshot. I haven't found much problem with rebelling if there is a good amount of cts.
  4. Saul Soodman

    Last CT?

    Eh, what if when there is one ct left if you don't freeze you are KOS. Sometimes certain Ts don't rebel
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