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  1. Idk why y’all gotta be identified as females, y’all a bunch of bitches regardless
  2. Maladaptive has spoken guys. It is over. . no reasoning. Just straight dry about it.
  3. That shit is pretty annoying, I couldnt see my screen for about a minute. I agree
  4. So we all have been a victim of this and I understand how it might be a "just change the setting thing" but honestly this rule only encourages those who have a thirst to kill to kill the person. Some people we acquire that are new are quickly leaving after being killed and its ruining our popularity. We should implement a new rule stating that if the T doesn't quickly holster the gun, A warning will be issued by a non warden before clapping dem cheeks. What ya'll think? lets revert back?
  5. DemNoodlez

    Mod+ Meeting

    Can’t make it. I work every single Saturday for the rest of my eternity. If we could somehow make the next one on a Sunday, that would be appreciated
  6. But real talk, make gifting credits a thing again. We can handle the beef that might cook from it.
  7. From what I remember, give me 1000 credits or your pardon isn’t granted Lmaoo. 1000 credits given, “still gets shot in the head “
  8. 4 supras restored princess. Not one lol.
  9. I just want to know how the hell you got your hands on 4 of them. If fixed and restored, your looking at 400k.
  10. How much to take one of those supra’s off u
  11. I’m back in action guys. Don’t worry.
  12. I have messaged glow couple times wanting to discuss things that are happening in his server as he has stated “ I hope you would reach out to me before making a decision abruptly” but never recieved a response from him. After being in his community for 2 and a half years and helping out as much as I can. No respect. The man has given up on your community. Wake up. Your community is dying. im with you Dunder. One way street.
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