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  1. I don't have a normal case lol. My case is freaking massive. I could easily fit two, and I'm sure I will one day lol
  2. You only need a bunch of bots to get it.... Ima wait til the 3090 is available readily...
  3. Can we make a poll? For those who don't want to write about it?
  4. Completly understood. You know already, but I'm glad to have played with you. You're one of the good guys. Sad seeing you leave the membership. Don't be a stranger!
  5. This has been brought up before, but the reason we decided aginst it is because it can cause 'clicks' to be formed, and can cause drama in the community.
  6. 22nd meeting? Jesus Christ.... We old...
  7. I got three letters for you.... K - O - S
  8. Deedle currently has a Minecraft server. I've had several servers personally. They all continue to fail due to lack of players. I'm not a manager anymore, but I believe we will never have a MC server until we can prove a regular player base, since we have had so much failure before.
  9. @Glow, any update from the feedback provided here?
  10. Nation


    We have to wear masks in any business or public area. All bars are closed, which is a huge part of our culture. Togo alcohol is also not allowed. You can only order alcohol at a restaurant if you are seated. Gatherings of more than 6 people is strictly prohibited, and can result in up to a $500 fine per person. Public areas, like the Lakefront, are patrolled by Levee Police who are looking for groupings of more than six. I know this makes everyone seem like an alcoholic, but this is just a major part of New Orleans culture. While waiting for a table, you would normally grab a drink or beer from the bar while you wait. If you were heading home, you could swing by the daiquiri shoppe and get one to go. If you want to watch a fight or game, you just go to your favorite bar. What is happening is bars are turning into restaurants, so they can continue to remain open and serve alcohol. The only real change is they are forced to stop selling alcohol at 10pm. This is also odd for a city where plenty of bars never close, but those that do close around 3-5am. Overall,I don't see any of the restrictions making a difference. Just my opinion...
  11. Thank you to all who were able to attend on such short notice. Thank you to @Majestic for being a great host. Its been a lot of fun. Enjoy the video. Nation's Final GoodBye.mp4
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