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  1. Which do you prefer: The Summer heat or the Winter chills. Personally, I prefer winter because (in Michigan) the roads get super shitty and icy, and I enjoy rolling my car through the snow. I also prefer to be cold because you can always put more layers on. If you can't decide on the former, here's another: Do you prefer a stormy, lightning-filled day, or a sunny day with minimal/zero clouds? I also prefer the stormy day, due to having fair skin and needing sunscreen or else I get terrible burns. Feel free to respond to either.
  2. Campbell's Chunky Chicken Pot Pie Soup. Bomb.com
  3. Hey all, I'm going away from all things games, as I have some anger management things I'm going to fix. I've always taken video games WAY too seriously, and it's time to address the problem. Not sure how long I'll be gone, but I definitely won't be on CS:S or other games. Hopefully I can beat this problem as I'm promoting unwanted toxicity. Thanks, and peace out.
  4. Idk man. I think older vets are more likely to dominate in these, especially when the stakes are high (Ex. "First two to finish get LR (out of 11 alive)). I just feel that most other gamemodes are balanced for equal play, why not all of them be for equal play.
  5. Honestly yea. There's that gun secret that faces the ramp off armory that typically gets atleast 1 CT each round. +1 (Also nobody uses the massive amount of games on this map because they can't with all the points already listed)
  6. Lemme Darius or Garen (but mainly Darius) and I'll for sure win lane.
  7. I think I might be banned from this game...
  8. Indeed. Bottom line, the texture is invisible and it is being smothered in a T spawn area/cell block. And if it wasn't supposed to be a secret the texture would be visible. That's just me.
  9. Your explanation makes sense except for the fact that the staple move is "All T's rush to the bottom of main cell stairs and unstack shoulder to shoulder." The reason I have never seen a T above main cells is because 1.) There isn't enough time to get above main cells unless S.C opens cells which at that point people just rebel 2.) There's no point hiding up there when all CT's will be staring in your direction looking at others. Some CT's even hang by fountain and I believe you can see above the main cell by standing on the guard rail. It doesn't work out, and I've played on both CT and T numerous times and never once had the instinct to go up there, even if I spawned in the two closest cells. I only go up in vipinthemix but that's because there's a real secret vent up there, but that's off-topic.
  10. I'm going to be blunt, I've never seen any warden use that spot for parkour. It's always been big cage for the flashlight game/cliff hanger. Besides, that spot is also an easy way for a rebeller to get a free kill since all they have to do is sit in cell and wait (because rarely anyone checks cells also), then backstab the scoped-in CT. Now the rebeller has an AWP in their possession. The map also has not one but eight ladder textures and the one that is next to the T's is invisible on accident? I think this was always meant to be a secret by the developer to get into VIP to get to showers. I think it should stay that was as well.
  11. No. When the T does the LR, it literally states that they chose race and to watch for the endpoints. Not watching the T/don't know where they are? 1.) What are you doing as a CT? Did you not see where the last CT died in their LR? 2.) Half the time you can follow the T and win outright. If you are stuck in another LR, that's too bad. Honestly, the T worked hard/got lucky/got pardoned to be there, so they should be able to use all the options they can get. My question is what are you going to do (or add) to fill Race's spot should you get it removed (and how will this get coded/added)?
  12. My thing is it's inbetween all the cells so if a warden wanted to play cliff hanger, they'd have to worry about missing a T who ran into cells and why not just use big cage when it's an easier place to monitor? There are also other parkour spots too (pool landing on guard rail). Also if there are specific rules for each and every secret, that could get confusing really quick. There's really no reason for CT's to be up there, comparable to how CT's don't need to be in garage secret (both are invisible, both require some skill to achieve, both offer rewards). (I'm assuming cliff hanger is the crouching, face backwards, flashlight up, and walk back until you almost fall off, if not lmk)
  13. Not so much a suggestion as to clarification. The ladder above VIP cell, that allows you to get on the roof of the cells. Is that a secret/is it not? If it isn't, I suggest we make it a secret. The reasoning is because it is invisible. That's really it lmfao Thoughts?
  14. It's me, I'm just reporting in. I joined a lil while ago and just play to have fun. I'm super serious tho so watch out in game. Yea, hope to see some of you and stuff.
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