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  1. Mountain Dew Baja Blast
  2. Sweden, I want to eat real Swedish meatballs in an IKEA
  3. Welcome to retirement life!
  4. Mine is still on backorder, I've gotten mine through the EVGA Step-Up program so I'll be sending back my 2080 Super as soon as one is ready to be shipped out. I've heard maybe late December early January.
  5. We can't get any of the 30 series in the States. Orders are backed up for months.
  6. We’ve had numerous Minecraft servers of varying game modes and each time they fail after a week or two
  7. Sad to see you depart from the community. You were an asset here and was always fortunate to be a manager along side you. I’m sure @Element115 and I can make something happen with getting the Gmod server up again
  8. Welcome @Kirito! Good to see you again!
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