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  1. don't ask me, I'm not the one who wrote it
  2. You can’t go solo, I’m with Ryze.
  3. The point of being a member is to represent the community, not for the perks. People have started to think of member as a thing just for perks, hence why there has been a movement to remove the role because it's lost its purpose. Everyone used to be able to spray all they wanted back when I modded, and it wasn't hard to moderate, there is a spray ban along with a warning feature. "> let people with 10+ hours on the server spray their spray ... I'm sure @Logical could whip up a super neat plugin to make this happen." Yessir I can For my own two cents, I've always advocated to allow everyone to spray again, the main reason it was removed in the first place was because of the spray crash exploit. Although there are different sprays that can cause that to happen, the 99% of them that are around are the same one that was patched in the latest CS:S update. The other 0.9% are patched by S1vers plugin Tommy and I have mentioned in the past. I'm all for bringing spraying back for everyone, it allows for more games to be played as well.
  4. Working on that now
  5. don't do cs:go bhop, literally the worst community ever and I know from setting up bhop servers in the past that the amount of work and people needed to get the server functioning is a lot. If anything do kz, or surf. That said, 1v1s or hns is nice, I wouldn't mind setting up one of those servers.
  6. There are no edges, the ramps are "smooth" but the way the engine handles the player movement it can cause the player to get stuck on these less-optimized ramps. You also have to keep in mind, surfing isn't a supported feature for source games, it's just a thing that is able to be done. You can blame this code for the issue btw https://github.com/perilouswithadollarsign/cstrike15_src/blob/f82112a2388b841d72cb62ca48ab1846dfcc11c8/game/shared/gamemovement.cpp#L2850 I can vouch for the plug-in Tommy suggests, it does work, I've used it multiple times before. But do keep in mind, even if you do still get stuck that doesn't mean the plugin is broken, while the plugin heavily mitigates the possibility of the ramp bug from happening it doesn't make it disappear.
  7. I got AP exams comming up so I'll pretty much be MIA until the end of next week while I study. For those who aren't familiar, AP exams are on par with the SAT or ACT (Undergrad standardized tests for colleges) except they are course specific, so more or less they are college courses for high school students in which if they do good on the exam they can earn college placement and credits. The grades can get directly sent to colleges and they will give you credits depending on if they accept your score, its graded 1-5 and only around 50% of people get above a 3 which is passing, some colleges will only accept scores of 4 or 5 which even less people get (around 30% get a 4, and 10% get a 5). For me these are pretty important, so I'm going to be spending pretty much all of my freetime on studying and preparing.
  8. There is no way to target cell doors specifically, and not all cell doors are considered func_doors that can be told to open, some are func_breakable that are removed via kill (killing an entity is the same thing as making it disappear). In other words, if this were to be done, all things that can break or can open will be broken/opened, and well this isn't a very desired way of doing things as I'm sure you can understand, but it's the "easy" option. Sure, we could spend hours going through every map and level, meticulously pick out every cell and then write 1000s of lines of code for each map, or we could just open and kill everything. This is why the latter option is chosen. And I'll be frank, there is no way in hell I'm going to do the former. So you guys can continue to discuss, just know that everything would be opened/killed that could be if everyone wants this. edit: Oh and I forgot to add, in order to uphold the idea of allowing CTs to get in position there would be no timer stopping the CTs from using the command at any time during the round, so one could perversely open the cells using the button, then use the command and destroy everything on the map at any time during the round.
  9. The way I see it, if someone teamkills they get seen as a dick by the guy who was teamkilled, and then on the other hand the person who got freekilled could also find it funny and in that case, there's no harm done. So if someone actually wants to be teamkiller and received the former reaction, they'd be seen as an asshole on the server -- that being the case some people actually like being seen as an asshole. A good compromise would be to enforce no "excessive" teamkilling, for example, someone who is just going on the server to teamkill the team just to be an asshole.
  10. Logical


    who am I going to talk math with now
  11. just going to explain what this is for people who don't understand why there is just a picture. This is something called steganography, more or less its a ctf challenge where there is a hidden "flag" hidden inside the image.
  12. Just saying, should this be created (strictly hypothetical) the only difference it will make will just be having a colored repeat message in chat or center chat for the warden as compared to just a T asking for a repeat normally using chat or voice. That being said, this would take almost no time at all to make, but I don't see the benefits; to be fair I don't play much on the server so my opinion shouldn't have much weight.
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