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  1. > lets do baby park > racing is boring > or do both > yay
  2. and gone again
  3. > alot of us dont want to apply for member for our own reasons > alot of us still play here > let people with 10+ hours on the server spray their spray > introduce spray banning on the server if people are using the crash https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=2009339 I'm sure @Logical could whip up a super neat plugin to make this happen. or just make a trusted group in sourcebans and give it whatever flag member has so we can spray as trusted. give trusted to people who have 10 hours+ on server. also letting us spray gives us more games to play on jailbreak, and on MG it helps with coursemaps. /thread edit: this isn't just a jailbreak suggestion its for all servers.
  4. do you need me to write instructions on how to adjust the cvar, or do ya got it? cuz ya know still disabled...
  5. Considering most of the playerbase who play arent member, I could see this being a very positive change, hopefully it goes through.
  6. perfect > make a rule to stop people from doing this > punish rule breakers > change cvar in server cfg please
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