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  1. At this point it's pretty obvious that you're caught up in yourself and how you want to view it, disregarding those around you because you're not directing it at people. My opinion stands as this being an immature approach and disrespectful, your opinion says people shouldn't care. This is a circle of disagreement, neither of us will convince each other of their views so we can call it an end. I stand by what I've said and I cba to repeat it all in a response, much like I'm sure you can't. At the end of the day, this is a moderated, online community. For the purpose of growth, let alone the politics, it makes no sense to subject people to slurs they can be offended by. It's hard to explain the feelings of a minority group when I am not part of one, but I know that the free use of the word no matter the context is an offense. If you want to believe that this offense is their decision then that's your thoughts but the reality is people get offended and wont feel welcome in that environment. It is worth over complicating because not everyone is going to step up and be comfortable to confront a player base that is free using an offensive term. You're assuming every person in this situation is completely ok with being upfront about this when they most likely wont because it's the internet which is why a moderated community should be welcoming and stop that fear. The whole swear situation is going over your head. You want to think it's equal, it isn't in anyway. There is no reason to be mindful of the other side. You want to say what you want, sure, but I think it's selfish. If you think being stopped when you say something that offends a group of people is selfish then it's a lesson on what these groups have had to face. This thinking just says that you're ok to approach any topic with no regard of its effects. I'm sure you're also happy to be sexist around woman 'as a joke' and expect it to mean nothing too. So far that, I do think you're narrow minded. But as I said, this is going in circles and it's moving more into me wanting to call you a moron then to keep repeating my points. There is no need to carry this on so this is my last response.
  2. You're just re-writing bad logic and bad comparisons. There is no equality to saying slurs and swear words. one means something one doesn't, the offence caused is different. You keep saying context like it still matters, get it into your head that context doesn't matter to a person who is offended by oppressive terms. If it's used light heartedly, it's offensive, if it's used maliciously, it's offensive. The example of someone not wanting to be called an idiot has the context of their own personal feelings, not a group. If they don't want to be called an idiot when it's said then they can mention it, but they are speaking for themselves. If you want the same response for a slur then you would confirm that with the entirety of the group effected, which you shouldn't need to do because the use of a slur is not necessary. You keep saying you decide what offends you, it really doesn't matter what offends you and what you can take. If I swear at you and you're offended over it then you will say don't swear at me. If I say a slur towards someone struggling with mental health and their identity and they feel they are being questioned and targeted for it then they could take their lives. You comparing a swear word with no value or weight in history or society as a bigotry term is the dumbest shit and I really can't think of why you can't see that, what about me calling u an ass is the same as questioning your existence as the person you are? There is no comparison. I don't understand why you want to constantly cause offence. Why would you feel the need to want that? Being respectful and not causing offence should be the case in all walks of life, let alone in this community. I'm saying people should be told to watch what they say in this community with one another, not online. You're broadening the demographic to push your point bigger when it doesn't need to be. This is focusing on this community, no where else. This is not a debate on whether or not everyone in this thread needs to be gods child and worship life everywhere, it's to better this community. You also keep saying intent and malicious and its ok to have fun with my friends and you're missing my point of as much fun as you and your friends have talking shit to each other with slurs, we could have several people playing who are effected by you doing that because it's obnoxious and inconsiderate. You can sit in discord and do that shit, sure, but on a server with a multitude of people, why would that be acceptable? would you do it in a professional setting? no, because there is people around you who wont agree with the use of the words. The fact you're ignoring fundamental parts of the issue contradicts your open mindedness to this argument. Acknowledging identity is the single most important thing but you're too caught up in what you find offensive. You're too narrow minded to understand that it's bigger than offense, it's peoples lives and who they are. You wont go home and worry about telling your family that you're an idiot, or hide bc u heard the work fucker shouted at you. Comedians are in no way celebrated for their jokes in every community. Jonah Hill did not get support when he made a homophobic reference. Stop with this repetitive shit about context and intent and offense with comparisons to swear words. It is not the same and is just obnoxious ignorance. Slurs - Effect peoples lives. Their jobs, their friendships, their families, their day to day interactions and their mental health. Being sworn at - Makes u a little bit angry and u might swear back. It's just annoying at this point and everything you've said has 0 relevance to this situation. You're speaking your opinions, I'm speaking about how a community is effected, I am not part of any of these groups but I'm also not blind to see the damage it does because of ignorance
  3. I think it's clear that you're in your own bubble of ignorant thinking. Swearing is not attacking you as a person based on your identity. If it's targeted and offends you then you deal with it as a personal issues. You can say Ah cunt if you mess something up. Like ah fuck/shit. It's great no words are weighted to you. Again swearing is different, you wouldn't feel as if your identity is attacked if someone swore. My point exactly. Your words don't need to be directed to cause offence. Your inventiveness by calling someone a slur is the issue without thinking of the possibilities that it will offend. It's obnoxious. Unfortunately history and modern day events gives these words value, not any single person. If you can convince an entire server to respect someone when it's not punishable then you must be jesus because it's not how it goes. Policing slurs shows that the moderation is being respectful to those who might be offended by it. It wouldn't be shallow at all. If you knew the struggles LGBTQ+ and ethnic groups go through because of race and their identities because of the ignorance of people using these words then you would get that they are still prevalent in everyday life to segregate and marginalise people. It would however be shallow to assume that any one person should be ok with the use of slurs because of the above statement on the grounds that you had no malicious intent. The context and intent is irrelevant when it will still indirectly effect people. If you can explain why making something happy and friendly makes things ok then that would be great. I'm sure plenty of people are against being touched inappropriately with the excuse 'I was just playing or it wasn't malicious' unless you can find a way that it is ok. Maybe you would wait until they say stop? Which at that point I would argue that you're sexually assaulting someone. Calling someone a idiot is not attacking their identity or a group of people. This is not a hard concept to understand. If you are aware of them having learning difficulties however, this would be an issue and they would likely tell you to stop and you should.
  4. There is a key difference between real life and this. On a game that has moderators who can stop it forcefully is it. Swearing is a completely different set of things...I can say fuck all I want, because fuck means nothing to any one group of people, the same with shit or cunt. These are words that only cause direct offense if you target them towards someone. You fucking idiot vs fucking. Being offended by a word bc you don't like it is not an attack on your person or character like these slurs are. We are desensitized to them because they hold no weight. You can bet you'll be arrested for a hate crime over a slur vs saying some random swear words. Malicious or not, if you say it to the wrong person, as playfully as you want, and they report you for it, you think you can get away with saying oh it was a joke? no don't be daft. Slurs are contextually in themselves offensive to minority groups, especially when everyone is using them and the idea that the more carefully we are with using them makes them stronger isn't how it works. The more you use it the less weight it holds to you but to the LGBTQ+ community, Ethnic groups and any other party, it just comes across as straight up disrespect and makes everyone who suffered because of those words get silenced and that would look more like the majority looking down on the minority and not respecting the struggles those words have caused by making light of them. Again, it's not your place to decide what these words mean to people, they mean what they mean, and using them over and over won't fix any issues they've caused or make it ok to say it. Don't you also think it's a bit demeaning to expect someone facing these struggles to openly express themselves? You want to say it's the adult thing to do when they could of been sat listening to a group of people saying every slur they know? Why would they 1. feel comfortable and 2. need to. The adult thing to do is to not say the slurs and be conscious of people. No one should be approaching a person and assuming they are ok with something and then waiting for them to disagree and challenge you. It creates unnecessary conflicts which could have been avoided if you were respectful. Context and malice only go so far. You can't expect being happy and expressive with these words to go well and the moment they don't they cause conflict. But this is a circle. No point spamming any more, I think we've made our points.
  5. So you are saying you should be able to tell a person, who has to deal with these issues, that YOU have decided it's ok to say slurs since they aren't hateful? Why should we expect a minority of people who struggle coming out or realising their identity to have to tell you to stop instead of simply being respectful to the people around us? You will never be the one to decide if what you say is toxic because it simply doesn't effect you or you've become desensitized, which is your own personal development, not everyone elses. And yes, there is a drastic difference between milk, a product, and a slur used specifically towards someone. It would be impossible to respect every traumatic experience about topics we don't know about, that's is where u adapt your behaviour, but with widely acknowledged discrimination, it's not hard to stop using a couple of words.
  6. The communities quality moderation team, I don't intend to go back and forth with a gaming "moderator" either. It's nice that you can see the bigger picture and can see that the minorities in the community can push back a vote in this community. Simple answer for a simple mind ig. Good for you though, least you thought about it. Trying to look good as a mod who cares about the community and actually doing something that does good are different things. So keep that in mind. You don't need to reply because it wont mean anything. and sure, I'll say I felt pointed out since it was after my comment, doesn't mean anything but I wanted to address it. Shouldn't be a problem for a moderator to have someone reply to them, i'm sure you deal with big hard things as a gaming moderator.
  7. Welcome to a community, people still give a shit even if they don't play especially over sensitive topics. If that's an issue for you then best of luck to you. New players should respect people in an inclusive community, which GP should be, so this topic shouldn't have to be bought up. It's literally as simple as they are offensive and effect peoples lives, show respect and consideration. A vote for this is not in the communities overall best interest either. This is a management decision for the well-being of the community.
  8. This was sorted before I stepped down but got reversed. Overall the moderation at the time agree'd on disallowing all terms. Aside from your personal views and what you want to say, this is a community of people looking to play and have fun. I think you'd be ignorant to suggest it's fun for everyone if we let everyone say whatever or boring for everyone if we disallowed it. It's clearly not fun for everyone because this is a discussion that's happened about 700 times between different parties. These are topics people have lost their lives over and coming up with a short-term solution like 'weekend allowances' doesn't fix anything. I've always been on the disallow it side of this. I agree it makes no sense to allow one term and disallow the other but making them all allowed doesn't make sense to me, one morally and two in light of where this is happening. It's a gaming community that is OPEN to anyone, this isn't closed off with certain values and it shouldn't be. In terms of growth, if there is any left on CS:S, then they would be disallowed, regardless of my views of it being right or wrong, the community would benefit more this way because toxic people will still join. If you are genuinely effected by not being able to say these words then that is an issue you'll have to deal with. I'd rather see a toxic kid who can't call someone a fag leave then for them to say it to a person who is on the edge with their identity and end up losing a life. That is not a weight anyone needs to carry, not on a game where people want to escape.
  9. Simple, it's not a fair death. Everyone participates in the game to lose/win it, no single person is going to agree to participate in a cheap shot while they're stood still following orders. The victim would die bc they lost the prize the victor got. It's slayable to avoid favouritism, there's a handful of wardens that will turn a blind eye if it was a KOS on their decision as well as to avoid targeting of players on a singular or rotational basis. Find a way to make it fair for all parties involved, not everyone has the same chances to TK and a warden can easily make it in someone else's favour with selected teams. First one in gets the pick, make it so everyone is the first one in or an equal opportunity for it then it'll be plausible otherwise it'll turn into a Teamkilling war where CT's just aren't needed bc all the T's are fighting for LR amongst themselves.
  10. Unless it's changed since I left then anything intentional is extended to a regulars time anyway and you should have margin to increase it. Accidental or not a mfk is an mfk. If someone is too ignorant to the rules or what constitutes a reason the kill then they can spend that time away learning. At the end of the day any form of MFK shouldn't be a thing. You can perm ctban people with extensive ban records anyway. Just be competent enough to make that decision
  11. Prob a bit of beautiful British Engineering. DB10. For the day to day MC20 for the fun shit
  12. #[email protected] Also late but..i've unfortunately been with you longer than 2 years. Hap Bday GP, you're getting old.
  13. [B05] 'Frozen' means that you cannot jump or move; however, you can crouch and look around. CTs cannot force Ts to face a direction and stay facing that direction unless it is for a game. I'd probably agree to what you're saying, though I can't say it's ever been a issue. It could be interpreted, as you say, as a flat out CT's just can't tell you to outside of a game. I can't remember If I reworded this at any point, If I did then I did sloppy work ? I'd prob just make it a stand alone rule [CT18] CT's Cannot force T's, outside of an AFK freeze, to stay facing a direction, unless in a game.
  14. Here's to hoping it is at least. Happy New Year while it lasts
  15. I've only ever seen you semi-active tbh. Penis joke. Wb
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