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  1. young kids today listen to that shit rap music, listen to "WAP". Basically 8 year olds can find degenerate shit on YouTube but we ban it? Anyway different argument just wanted to point that out.
  2. Stop spamming garbage threads on the forums. God damn weebs. Thanks.
  3. -1 That would just be unfair, considering you can't give orders to the LR T's. Also, unfair for the last CT doing a gun toss with the other LR, and he wins...the 2nd LR guy is "rebelling" with his gun pointed directly at him. The CT can't kill that guy, CT has no guns, and unlikely to runaway. Very unfair and have played on servers with this, it's awful.
  4. I see your point. This game is quiet old. Majority of players have played JB for years. The new players don’t even know the rules to begin with, and probably don’t even know what !motd does. So I don’t really see it as a problem for new players to once get rekt by a soccer ball. If they new players don’t understand the soccer ball kills you, after dying from it. Are they too stupid to know? Over a year ago, the rules allowed Terrorist to unholster weapons as long as they weren’t pointed at a CT/Guard. The rule is gone now, and new players adapted as soon as they died once, and disabled auto-pick up. The counter argument to having that rule removed was “New players might get upset because they don't know”.... In my opinion, you must think new players are stupid, and won’t learn how Jailbreak is meant to be. They will learn quickly, just as the unholstering rule came to be. So really, “in the end” the current rules on team killing appeal to new players and bitches, by sacrificing playability for people who been playing for years...I’m not against new players, but I don’t think new players are stupid enough to need rules to protect them.
  5. This is probably the worst idea. What happens when you teamkill an admin? If his friend does it fine, but if somebody he doesn’t like it, slay? It doesn’t even need to be an admin either. This invites Favoritism and as well adding a “may be” in a rule is just plain stupid. It just leads to more uncertainties when you read the rules. Also, (Can’t quote from previous page on phone). You said “I understand that there’s people in favor for it, but the majority of players I think would have an issue with it. “ I see a majority of people in favor for it on this thread... Seems to me that the players who are cry babies about getting teamkilled don’t even bother to put their input in. Why listen to them? I do agree that a large portion of players may not agree with me. But I’d say the majority of the player base does. Let’s agree that it’s 50-50. Then it becomes what is right. Team-killing is a god given right for Terrorists.
  6. I already did in my original post. “1. Remove the word 'active' Rule B06 - Teamkilling without a game being played is not allowed. 2. Remove the rule completely” I am in favor of #1 Removing “active” This allows pressing of game buttons, TKing with soccer ball, trapping people in a game, etc. But doesn’t allow exploits like props/entities teamkilling in cells etc. Again, how it should be worded: B06 - Teamkilling without a game being played is not allowed. *and should be enforced as stated above I am going to make another post replying and quoting to others.
  7. save money and spend it, good shit my man. have fun
  8. I've had the same background for over 6 years. A tiled maze I made in a graphic design class in High School. And Indeed, I keep my desktop pure. The taskbar goes at the TOP (never owned a Mac) I always have put it at the top. So when you read things, and you get the bottom of the page, you don't see a bunch of fuckin Icons.
  9. @Noob Northern California band from Sacramento, saw them in 2019.
  10. The real issue is having warden's saying "T's crouch & knife the ground". This shouldn't be allowed just like using Simon says to circumvent the 1 AFK freeze per round. "Freeze" works just fine. So I vote NO. If the CTs can't get their shit together, it's on them. I don't wanna be playing T and AFK freezing every other minute. Fuck the wardens that say knife the ground bullshit....
  11. How about not add CSGO. Source is already having low population issues. We need to invest interest in Source. Half of the GP community playing other games is reason why JB / MG can't get more than 15 players during the day.
  12. fuckin nerd this isn't a diary jk gl logical
  13. backalley run, pirate ship wars pls
  14. I think the majority of times teamkilling is hilarious, a vital part of the game that we are missing out on. The rule is catering towards people who either suck at the game, the rule gives them a handicap and/or they are toxic players who can't enjoy getting pwned once in a while. I believe that the majority of active/long term player base have no problem when on the receiving end of getting teamkilled. The most laughs and moments in the game is when somebody gets pwned by a teammate. I find the current rule creates more hostility when somebody bitches to an admin to slay somebody. We need to encourage players to not get so upset when somebody outwits them, nor should we listen to their complaints....Allowing teamkilling will add a different perspective and playstyles for T's and utilizing the map to their advantage. We shouldn't make rules for a minority of "abuses". I find it bullshit to think that it will be abused because it is nearly impossible to do so. Nor should we have rules for the minority of events and/or unexperienced jailbreak players; they should learn to play the game AS INTENDED, and experienced/active players shouldn't lose such a fun aspect for the game. *If you say that this is "my opinion of what jailbreak is" go fuck yourself because you've played for what? not even 2 years? (I normally don't attack others but I think its justified during this point) I find that most of the counter arguments are from people who haven't even played Jailbreak, and are unworthy voices to listen to when it comes to crucial changes such as this. And LOL if you think that this ^ is what I meant by server morale. Its just the truth. We've done a good job revising the rules, and we've removed most problems. The act of removing it sets an example beyond the rules itself and sets a standard. We won't have rules that cater towards the minority of circumstances/events and player opinions. I think my prior posts/debates/arguments in addition to this are enough to prove that the server morale will go up. And to drive it home to people who are skeptical and are afraid of so called "ABUSE". What the fuck are you talking about? How is somebody going to abuse something that doesn't exist? Majority of teamkills are blatant, avoidable, and fucking hilarious. These are my two alternatives. 1 or 2. I'm willing to compromise, but clearly prefer option 2.
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