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  1. we have different definitions of "garbage" i see a garbage warden as somebody who doesn't know how to progress a round.
  2. I'm not gonna lie, I wouldn't want this rule added. This is only because I like to kill T's for whatever reason I can find. Some people may cry about this and say I ruin players experiences, but whenever I warden the round will never last more than 3-4 minutes. This way the player can quickly learn from their mistake and turn off auto-pickup so it doesn't happen again and not have to wait 10+ mins so whatever garbage warden can finish the round. This would only cause problems in my mind. How quick is quickly? I see this being abused with T's passing guns and shit like that. Having a message in chat being posted regularly by mods/console mentioning that you should turn off autoweapon switch or you may be killed is the smartest idea in my book.
  3. huge +1 only reason i applied for member was to spray my spray warden being able to spray makes rounds better/easier
  4. Ability to LR 6 (rebel) with your LR partner still alive @Glow You should consider adding this
  5. If the rule hypothetically were to be changed, it would affect some players differently. For example, somebody that just got into jailbreak and is new to CS:S, would probably be pissed off if they got teamkilled. This most likely wouldn’t be the case with the sweaty jailbreak nerds that have been playing this game mode for years, they would probably be the ones doing the team killing. In the end it’s all about the demographic you want to appeal to, do you want the new players to enjoy their experience, or the players that have been playing for years.
  6. Don't know why non-members aren't able to voice their opinion on mod apps. Players who aren't members opinions aren't as important as members? Would love to hear the reasoning behind it, or see a change made to it.
  7. “Can I have a pardon” Yeah for 1k credits but yeah gifting should be added on jailbreak
  8. You’re confusing rx and mx
  9. clean asf my slow ass audi don’t compare
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