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  1. I mean if there’s gonna be any change it should be if someone on a mod app doesnt have a score of 10 or if its an admin app and they dont have a score of 12 by the 7th day then they should have an extra 7 days. thats what was done for member apps so i guess making it for staff apps makes sense . only problem is some people will be waiting for even longer but it would be worth it if they got accepted
  2. Hey guys, unfortunately I have decided I’ll no longer being playing on GP. There have been several issues it’s leader has failed to address resulting in unnecessary drama which could’ve easily been prevented. I originally stepped down around 3 weeks ago from manager originally due to personal stuff, but after seeing how alot of recent situations has been handled, it's clear things aren't looking good. @Glow I respect what you originally have done starting GP, but I do believe there's alot more you can do (especially when it comes to listening to people's concerns and actually addressing them) and it disheartens me to see the direction things are going. Anyways , see you guys later, gg.
  3. see you later bud if you need someone to talk to lmk
  4. damn gg bro ima miss you
  5. Wtf is that signature lmaoo And yeah giving the laser option to everyone I don't think would be good but even for only warden I l actually like everything matching with the GP theme
  6. We should start off by trying a 1-2 hour requirement and it it works out then keep it and if not it can be changed
  7. RESOLVED Thank you for your input/suggestion! This thread has been locked.
  8. Since we have an MG event coming up next week, resolving this.
  9. RESOLVED Thank you for your input/suggestion! This thread has been locked.
  10. Honestly isn’t much of a need of a command for repeats. Wardens should be paying attention and look in chat and listen. If they miss it, then that’s on them. Like I say with many suggestions of yours, there isn’t a need to make a plugin out of everything that can be done manually easily.
  11. Thanks for everything you've done for the community. I appreciate the honest input and wish you the best going forward.
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