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  1. big +1 if the female skin is wearing skirt and thigh highs uwu
  2. my dream is to have a throwing knife lr @Logical
  3. Hello. My name is dave. I have accumulated a total of 10 years on drawing and am rank 1420/6996 on the global artist university so I feel as though i'm qualified to judge you. First off, your lines are bad, your constant wiggling nowhere near matches my frame perfect line. Also, that cute little "messup" in the face cost you this draw kid. With a good mousepad off the platform you could have saved the shaders . You have alot of room to improve before you should be posting on this forum. Maybe you should go try oversimplified art style, i heard 12 year old pleb-tier "artists" like you are welcome there.
  4. make it so the person who got tk decide if tha tker should slay or not
  5. isaac

    MG event

    possibly do something like this? looks fun
  6. average yeet user
  7. all doors auto open in special days once it picked so its very possible to do it in wardays too
  8. allow teamkilling if ct's could teamkill that would be cool too
  9. plants vs zombies2 u can't get bored of it
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