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VIP Slot Access Information


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Glow's Battlegrounds | VIP Slot Access Information | Hell Let Loose


  • By obtaining a VIP slot, you will be put at the front of the line of the waiting queue to enter the server when it is full.
  • VIP slot access is $5 per month, and is a non-refundable donation to the GamePunch community.
  • VIP slot access donations go directly into funding the servers, and keep the community financially afloat.
  • Previous donations are not valid for VIP slot access on Hell Let Loose.
  • You are able to donation for more than one month at a time.


  • View the "Donate" section on the right side of the GamePunch forums index.
  • image.png
  • Click on 1 and then select 5 from the dropdown menu and click Donate Now.
    • If you'd like to pay for more than one month, multiply the the amount of months you'd like by 5, and select that donation amount.
    • Once you donate, fill out this form with your VIP slot details.

If you need further assistance, visit the #need-help channel on the GamePunch Discord!

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