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Normally not one for a introduction, makes me feel like I am writing autobiography. My name is Kyle. (Insert Southpark joke here) I am 22 years old and live in the shite United States in the shite state of North Carolina. (No Offense, love my country but it has gone to shite here recently) I have a amazing woman, with whom we have had a beautiful 11 month old son. Um.....that's about it, any questions?


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4 hours ago, Nation said:

Welcome @Gunner813!

Would you say you are a fan of Monster, Kyle?

@Nation Hell no. I actually hate it to be honest. Out of all the energy drinks now it is the given worst, but I love to punch DRYWALL!

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6 hours ago, Gunner813 said:

but I love to punch DRYWALL!

RIGHT?! Who doesn't love punching drywall.... lol

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