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New Theme!


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Welcome to GamePunch's brand new v4 theme!

Many thanks to @Logicalfor working with me on getting the brand new theme polished and finalized tonight.

If you guy's see any bugs, please be sure to let me know so it can be addressed and handled.

Thank you!



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I do not really like this new theme. Too many flashy moving parts (I am the kind of person who opts to turn animations in things like buttons off. I do not know if that is an option). A lot of stuff also seems very unnecessary like these:

image.png.15adb8ec787f020a002c124f22db675c.png image.png.8007f02a8bd85a6f3fe7b8d5df5cbce5.pngimage.thumb.png.00843fa3c067121250dc5b2de8f6b104.pngimage.png.61a583a571b65d21be40366d46c0e8b8.png

And a few more.

It is also difficult to see what new posts you have/haven't looked at yet.

Oh also, the top bar falling down when you scroll is also rather annoying.

All in all, whilst the aesthetic is pleasing to the eye, it is extremely crowded and almost a bit too messy considering it seems as if it is attempting to be more minimalist.

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